Why purchase a single unit or entire building?

Brand New Townhomes

Great Locations

Guaranteed Cash Flow

Guaranteed Tenants

No Rent-Up Costs

Low Interest Rates

Low Down Payment

why Invest in New Townhomes?

The townhome lifestyle eliminates the responsibility for lawn care, irrigation, exterior paint and roof repair. Townhomes are easily rentable, normally in gated communities with swimming pools, fitness centers, walking trails and more. Townhomes also allow for maximum depreciation for your “tax shelter”.


We guarantee your rent

We will guarantee the rent for 1 year. If we are able to rent for more than the guarantee, that amount goes to you! If your property rents for less, SunState Home Investment pays the difference for the year!

100% Occupancy guaranteed

When your first mortgage payment begins, so does your rental income!


On-going Assistance & Tenant Acquisition

When the Guarantee period is over, SunState Home Investment will continue management of your property for one flat fee per year! Our partner office provides the Lowest Cost, Highest Service Property Management you will find.

Tax Benefits

As a property owner you may be eligible for numerous credits and incentives such as: depreciation, insurance, maintenance and more resulting in a tax credit you can apply on other income.


Peace of Mind

If something goes wrong during the term of the Lease Guarantee, SunState Home Investment will find a solution.

Ready to Invest?

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