Interested in building a new home?

We work with most of the Nation’s Top New Home Builders and know the market! Our new home service is offered at no cost to you.

Our agents will:

  1. Help you find the right builder
  2. Find the best builder incentives available!
  3. Help you select a great home site
  4. Negotiate the best price for you
  5. Assist with the Walk-through prior to closing
  6. Assist with finance and closing

We will also work with all major new home builders!

Some of our builder partners include:

Benefits for Builders

C21 SunState Will Help You Close More Sales!

Our record speaks for itself: In the past five years we have sold over $300 MILLION  in new home sales!

Guaranteed Lease Program
We guarantee the lease of your client’s existing home to enable them to purchase a new home

Renters Move Up Program
We can assist your client in the termination of their existing lease so that they can buy their new home sooner

We can tailor your customer needs for their specific situation which often covers moving expenses, upgrades, fencing, etc.

Lead Generation
C21 SunState has developed several programs that generate leads in participating builder communities.

Special Events
C21 SunState will Co-Sponsor events for prospective buyers.

Target Marketing
C21 Sunstate will market your properties in our marketing network for outstanding exposure

Investment Buyers
C21 Sunstate has a world wide investor network full of potential buyers

We are consistently rated a "10" on customer surveys.
See what builders are saying about us:

“The staff with this company are very professional and get back with you within minutes from your call. I feel that I have another agent on my side when dealing with obstacles and assisting buyers trying to obtain the “American dream”. Sunstate makes it happen!”

“Without Sunstate’s expertise and professionalism, I would have lost many deals. They were able to transition my buyers from renters to homeowners by providing support in the lease buyout!”

“Sunstate helped me put purchase agreements together that I would not have been able to if it were not for their out of the box approach to real estate. Their programs are well put together, fair to all involved and timely in today’s real estate environment. I would recommend Sunstate to any New Home sales Agent! It can be worth an extra sale a month or more!”

Ready to get started with C21 SunState? Contact us today.